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Hacienda Coloma (coffe experience)

If you want to get up close and personal with the fascinating process of growing and producing Colombian coffee, you can do so just 90 minutes from Bogotá. At the Hacienda Coloma you will find much more than a beautiful landscape: you will experience the complete process of coffee production, from its seed to the essence of each sip.

When visiting Hacienda Coloma you will go through a historical and pleasant place where you will learn how to get a cup of coffee, from a grain.

The tour begins in the coffee seedbed, where the chapola is sown and cultivated. Next, you will go through a flowering coffee plantation of shade-grown Arabica coffee, where you can see many of the varieties available in Colombia. From there, it is transferred to the Beneficiadero, one of the most important and traditional places in the Colombian coffee process, where each coffee bean is washed, pulped, dried and hand picked. The journey continues in the Thresher and from there it moves to a final critical step in its quality: the Roasting of the coffee, slow and artisan process that gives the coffee its characteristic color and prints the final quality of the aroma and flavor of the coffee, which already made drink you will be able to taste at the end of the route.

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