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Armored Vehicle

If you prioritize security and safety, and going to travel to Bogota Colombia in future, then we are pleased to tell you that we are providing armored fleets to our local and International clients. We have Armored SUVs.

Bullet Proof Vehicle Specifications.

  • We have replaced our vehicle’s glass with the certified tested Multi-Layered Glass for keeping you safe from any kind of uncertainty. Moreover, it also has a tendency to bear any type of bullet.
  • Doors of our cars are replaced with high-quality hardened steel. It will also help the customer to remain safe from an unusual incident.
  • Grenade and fragmentation attacks are also seen in the past on famous personalities, and keeping it in our mind, we have made our roofs in a way to keep you safe from such attacks.
  • Other parts of fleets such as Fuel Tank, engine, and other technologies that could be a major reason for your life risk are also armored.

We also fill our limousine with an essential first-aid kit, snacks, and drinks. Armored vehicle transportation, armored vehicle with driver, armored suv as directed

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