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Coffee Experience

Visiting a coffee farm in Colombia is an authentic, cultural experience not to be missed. Heading to San Sebastián de Palmitas, a coffee region located just 45 minutes from Medellín, is the ideal place where you can have a magic coffee experience in a traditional farm.

This Medellín Coffee tour is designed for those who are interested in enjoying the most magnificent coffee scenery, learning about the details of the entire coffee making process from the seed to the cup, discovering the secrets behind the best coffee in the world and experiencing the magic of how the farmers achieve an exceptional drink.

An unforgettable sensorial experience, enjoying the incredible aroma and flavor of the best coffee in the world, in which you will have the opportunity to train your taste to be able to touch, smell, taste and differentiate the quality of different kinds of coffee.

At the end of the coffee tour, you’ll have the opportunity to buy freshly roasted coffee straight from its source, the perfect souvenir from Colombia to share with family & friends.

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